Polyglots Immigrant Service assists newcomer immigrants apply for their (S.I.N) Social Insurance Number.

We help Immigrants develop the skills needed to find employment in the shortest possible time. We host them in our office, and guide them through online employment banks to search for interested jobs on our computers.

We give assistance in building resumes and writing cover letters according to the immigrant’s job history and qualified skills.

We provide newcomers with job search strategies to increase their chances of getting hired. We also give them free access to our computers, photo copier, fax and WIFI. We also regularly review the Canadian labor market and produce networking to access the hidden jobs.

Polyglots Immigrant Service offers Interview practice to newcomers who are often not familiar with this system.

We also have a list of local tourism businesses (hotels, restaurants, and attractions) in Niagara Falls that we have good relationship in referring to them newcomers for employment.

We help employed newcomer immigrants maintain the jobs. We help them on Health and Safety trainings in their workplace if translation needed.