Polyglots Immigrant service offers a verity of information sessions and workshops for the Niagara Falls including newcomers and immigrant community, this includes group sessions. We will invite trained volunteer see the upcoming events for upcoming schedule.

Seat belt and car seat safety for children
Child safety seat information session is a free two hour group session at selected Library rooms. This child seat information session in intended to provide expectant, parents, and caregivers information on how to correctly install a child safety seat and to transport children safely in a vehicle. It also provides an overview of the law in Ontario regarding occupant restraints.  Research shown that seat belts and child car seats when used correctly are the most effective tools in preventing injuries and death in car crashes. As children grow and change, the type of protection system needed also changes. Birth - 1 year, over 1 year - 4 years, over 4 years - 9 years, Over 9 years.  At the information session we will provide you with simple rules to keep your child safe while travelling in your car, van or truck. 
Safe Sleeping for Babies
Parents, expectant, and caregivers information session and awareness. Current evidence demonstrates that unsafe infant sleep environments also play a role in sudden infant deaths. These resources are part of the public health agency of Canada ongoing commitment to promote awareness about SIDS and safe infant sleep environment.
Seniors Safety and Wellness
For seniors, the home is where many injuries occur, and most of these are due to falls. Injuries can also be more of a problem for seniors because, as the body ages, it takes longer to heal and recover from injury .Falls account for 85% of seniors' injury-related hospitalizations, making this the leading cause of injury-related admissions for seniors.  Approximately half of all falls that lead to hospitalization among seniors occur at home. The bathroom and stairs are particularly hazardous due to the risk of slipping, tripping and stumbling. Inspecting your home and taking action to prevent home injuries can help you live comfortably and safely for many years to come. At the group information sessions we will distribute a guide from public health Agency of Canada that provides advice on how to prevent injuries by keeping your home, yourself and your environment as safe as you can.
Nutrition Awareness
The amount of each nutrient the body need depends on age, height, weight, and activity level. Healthy eating not only helps you live longer by preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, but it also boosts energy and mood. The 5 important nutrients you should have in your diet; carbohydrates provide energy, protein builds and repair tissue, fats provide backup energy, vitamins and Minerals maintain optimal health, and water enables vital bodily functions. Eating a proper nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep you mentally and physically well. It benefits: Heart Health, Bone and Teeth Strength, Energy, Brain Health, and Weight Control. Often children, adult, and seniors do not get enough calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin D & E. Most children do not get the required amount of fruits and vegetables. We will invite nutritionist or trained volunteer to provide information on this topic.
Youth and Adult Gambling Awareness
Gambling affects youth and adults life, such as their physical or mental health, school or work performance, finances, and interpersonal relationships. People with gambling problems often bet with money they can't afford to lose, max out their credit cards, neglect family, friends, work, and even their own self-care. Problem gambling can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race or social status. This often increases homelessness in society; we will hold information sessions and issue awareness on this topic. The Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline provides information about problem gambling services in Ontario, a helpful Information and referral specialist, as well as gambling counselling services.